Senior Web Designer

Hi, we’re Bunsen. We do creative work for science companies who are solving some of the toughest problems on the planet, like inventing and implementing brain computer interfaces, or developing tools to help us design biology, and others who explore the unique immune system of the brain. Mostly, we help these folks be understood so that they can achieve their most ambitious goals. We’re creators who need the collaborative support of a master web designer. Maybe that’s you?


As a Senior Web Designer, you are the design lead on projects beside the content lead and project manager. The three of you together are the core team. You work directly with the client from the beginning of the project intaking the deep insights into their science and beginning to map that to visual concepts. With the support of content, you create wireframes that are the foundations for the design work ahead. As a lead, you may pull in brand design for building out a brand with the client, pull on the 3D Designer or Motion Designer to support with your vision. You’ll have the support of a Creative Director to bounce your vision off of as you work to dial in a visual direction that meets client business goals. The final products are emotionally impactful, clear communicating, user-friendly marketing websites, decks or marketing collateral. You have extensive experience designing for a variety of clients and audiences, and you stay up-to-date with the latest web design tools and trends. When someone talks about typography hierarchy, and clear layout your heart beats faster. This ain’t your first rodeo.

Activities will likely include:

  • Collaborating with our team to understand business goals, key messages, target audiences, and clients competition
  • Creating strategic, results-driven design, and guiding communication to do a very specific business job for the client
  • Developing design concepts that align with client needs and translate complex ideas into an intuitive user experience
  • Creating site prototypes, and final designs in Figma
  • Working in collaboration with a brand designers, 3D designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, and Creative Technologists to guide the brand through its various disciplines and outputs to enhance the user experience and strengthen the way the world experiences the client
  • Ensuring design consistency across multi-device web pages and integrating feedback from clients and internal teams
  • Staying up-to-date with web design software, tools, and trends to produce innovative, effective website designs
  • Providing quality assurance to certify that client feedback is implemented and errors are corrected before launching
  • Speaking articulately with the client, addressing their needs creatively while supporting the team meeting deadlines, and staying on target.


  • Senior level: At least 5–8 years of experience as a web designer or similar role
  • You have designed websites for a range of clients, especially in technical fields
  • You have worked with marketing, content, and development teams to build and launch websites on time and on budget. You know how to collaborate well and have opinions on how it’s done well
  • You have a strong portfolio of website designs that demonstrate your visual and UX design skills
  • You are a strategic, creative thinker able to understand client needs and translate complex ideas into an intuitive digital experience
  • You are organized and detail-oriented, able to juggle multiple projects at once and meet tight deadlines
  • You have excellent communication skills to collaborate with clients and internal teams, and explain your design decisions
  • You understand business and marketing principles and are able to bring that understanding to the table when crafting a design from wireframes


Time: This is a full time opportunity and we’re happy to do a little try-before-you-buy to help both of us feel great about the collaboration if that works for you.

Compensation: FT Senior Web Designer roles start at $140k+ depending on experience.

Think this might be you?

Please include portfolio examples and a cover letter. If you’re ambitious, create a brief Loom video walking us through your recent work, and the obstacles and opportunities you met while making it.

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