About this project

Women Who Design is a Twitter directory of accomplished women in the design industry. It aims to help people find notable and relevant voices to follow on Twitter by parsing Twitter bios for popular keywords.

Source code

Women Who Design is happy to support new directories highlighting underrepresented or marginalized groups. If you’re looking to start a similar effort, feel free to fork the project on GitHub.

Similar directories

Examining diversity along the axis of gender is one small piece of the puzzle. If you’ve found this site to be valuable, please take a look at the work of friends in the industry building similar efforts.

How to use

Here are some things Women Who Design can help you with:

Use proporti.onl to check the ratio of the people you follow on Twitter.

If you’re following more men than women, use this project to follow new women and diversify the voices in your feed. Be aware that a feed of white women is not diverse.

If you’re a hiring manager, use this project to find candidates.

Examine the ratio of senior men to senior women in your organization. Are women of color equally represented? Consider hiring women into promotions above their current role.

If you’re organizing a conference, use this project to find speakers.

Ensure that the women’s speaking slots are as prominent as the men’s. Are women of color equally represented? Consider reaching out to women who have never given a talk before.

If you have a podcast, use this project to find new guests.

Be mindful of interruptions and ensure that your women guests get equal speaking time. Are women of color equally represented? Consider inviting women who don’t already have an audience.

Further reading

For becoming a better ally – to women, people of color, LGBTQ, disabled, ESL or any other marginalized group.

Other notes


Women Who Design is an independent project. If you’re interested in supporting it, please consider posting a job.

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If you’ve been featured in the directory and you’d rather not be, please send a DM to @womenwhodesign on Twitter and you will be removed.

Special thanks to Netlify for their support.

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