Product Designer

At AngelList, we fundamentally believe in startups.

We’re building the definitive platform for startups — where they raise money, build teams and launch their products.

We're also creating a unique product culture where designers and engineers define and ship products together. Teams are small and built on mutual respect, high trust, and low management. At AngelList, designers and engineers take direct product ownership.

The Design Team

We have a small-but-growing design team of eleven — Adam, Chad, Dan, Gearoid, Julie, Kah, Kai, Lily, Rachel, Shane and Stephen — spread across four locations and working on a variety of products.

Before AngelList, some of us worked at big brand names (Google, IBM, OkCupid) while some of us started our own companies. Today, we're all passionate about building a supportive and product design environment, where we can do the best work of our careers.

The Talent Team

This design role sits in the Talent Team is a cross-functional group focused on fundamentally improving how startups form and grow their teams.

We work with startups and candidates to build the best team-building and job-seeking experiences possible. We also do this at scale — AngelList Talent is the world’s foremost startup jobs marketplace.

Or to put that another way, in this role you’ll build the tools that every future employer will use to hire you.

In this role you will...

  • Work within cross-functional teams (design, research, engineering, ops, marketing, sales) to iterate on existing products and invent new ones
  • Talk to users to identify their core problems and needs and translate these into product solutions
  • Combine design thinking with execution, to produce industry-leading work
  • Be a generalist, with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses across the user experience design spectrum
  • Take ownership of projects and manage multiple priorities
  • Work with other designers to develop our Design Team as a whole

We're looking for...

  • A strong online portfolio showcasing your best work
  • A track record of launching or evolving successful projects
  • Experience designing products and experiences at scale
  • Comfort with, and curiosity about, working outside of a traditional narrow design role
  • The ability to explore and test a breadth of approaches with a pen or prototype
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills