Highly Experienced Digital Designer

We need a highly talented, capable and super experienced unicorn who can design incredible digital experiences across web, social and email for brands looking to grow awareness by engaging consumers with stunning design and content.

You’d be working closely with our front and backend developers under the creative direction of our amazing creative brand team.

big fish is a 25 year old startup. We pride ourselves in being staunchly independent, always thinking like a startup, being fanatical about great design and making consumers’ lives more rewarding without compromising the future of the planet. We are on a journey to change the way we work and who we work with because there are things we’ve done that we now know weren’t inline with that strategy over the last quarter of a century. Bear with us!

We only ever work with clients who we believe in and whose products and services we would consume ourselves. We ask for acknowledgement on all the work we do and NEVER creatively pitch. Our first criteria for working with a client is “do we love them and do they love us?”

We strongly believe that ALL businesses needs to be a force for good and that we all have a duty to help fix the future. We are on a mission to change and prove we are right.

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